Sunday, 2 September 2012

Weekly Business Quiz #4

1. Hasbro has a tie up with Funskool India to market its toys and games in India. Name the parent company of Funskool.

2. Which company gets its name from a fruit which used to be exported to England from a  Moroccan port?
ANS. Tangerine

3. Name the newspaper started by industrialist Vijaypath Singhania of the J.K. Group.
ANS. The Indian Post

4. What does TIMES stand for in the name of TIMES Television, the Television division of Bennett and Coleman Ltd.
ANS. Television for Information, Music, Entertainment and Sports

5. A Bombay based jewellery house launched a range of earrings called H.B. a couple of years ago. Why were they called H.B. ?
ANS. After Henry Blofeld the popular cricket commentator known for his penchant for earrings

6. When Henry Ford died, amongst his last possessions was a test tube. What did it supposedly contain?
ANS. The last breath of Thomas Alva Edison

7. This brand manufactured by Kazuo Tazima gets its name from three words – Machine, Instrument, Optical. Which brand?
ANS. Minolta

8. In which merchant bank did P.G.Wodehouse work for two years?
ANS. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

9. To which company did the shipment of tea destroyed by the American colonists during the Boston Tea Party in 1773 belong?
ANS. The East India Company

10. What was advertised with the slogan “You press the button and we do the rest” ?
ANS. Kodak

11. What is an unrhymed Japanese poem of  3 lines, containing 17 syllables called? It is also the name of an Indian saree range.
ANS. Haiku

12. Honda advertised in the 1960s with the line “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. Which Indian automobiles advertised two decades later with the same line?
ANS. Kinetic Honda and Contessa

13. Which brand created a sensation by sticking a Ford Cortina to a billboard at a busy junction in London?
ANS. Araldite

14. During Wimbledon 1995 Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played a mock tennis match at Trafalgar Square in London. Why?
ANS. To shoot a commercial for Nike

15. Which Indian brand combined the Coke and Pepsi ad slogans to come up with the line “The real thing is the choice of the new generations”?
ANS. London Pilsner Beer

16. What was launched in 1959 in Kansas by the Carney Brothers?
ANS. Pizza Hut

17. The highest ever wicket partnership in England was between Herbert Sutcliffe and Percy Holmes in 1923 against Essex in Leyton. How is this significant to the present day corporate world?
ANS. They scored 555 runs giving 555 cigarettes their name

18. Complete this line “There is but one cup to win, eleven proud people, twelve proud nations, lean to win the cup ________ .
ANS. Share the Magic

19. What food item was patented in 1830 and called ‘Dr. Miles compound Tomato extract’?
ANS. Tomato Ketchup

20. Which Indian clothing brand gets its name from Greek for ‘Circle of Animals’?
ANS. Zodiac

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly Business Quiz #3


1. As per the Economist, which is the busiest airline route in the world for the year 2011?
Ans. Between Seoul and Jeju in South Korea

2. Which co had a nuclear reactor in their office building in New York for 30 years?
Ans. Kodak
3. On what issue the Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson had to quit?
Ans. Inaccurate information given in CV

4. Which brand took advertising into outer space in the year 2001 when a Russian rocket had its big logo painted on it?
Ans. Pizza hut
5. Name the hair dresser who pioneered the ‘Bob cut’
Ans. Vidal Sassoon
6. What is the meaning of the term seignior age in public finance?
Ans. The difference between the value of money and the cost to produce it

7. Which types of biscuits are very popular from Kayani bakery of Pune?
Ans. Shrewsbury biscuits

8. What unique feedback does the hybrid car Honda Insight provides to its drivers?
Ans. Mileage based on the way they’re driving

9. What is the real name of the JP Morgan trader labeled London whale who has caused a 2 bn $ trading loss?
Ans. Bruno Iskil

10. After its split with TATA Motors where has Fiat started its first independent dealership?
Ans. Hyderabad

11. Which MNC seed co is in the eye of the storm between Hindu and TOI started by a P Sainath article?
Ans. Monsanto
12. Who are the Partners of Dunkin Donuts in India?
Ans. Jubilant Foodworks

13. How many failures did Rovio have before they hit pay dirt with Angry Birds?
Ans. 51 failures
14. What or who is a “brogrammer” in Silicon Valley speak?
Ans. A programmer who breaks the usual expectations of quiet nerdiness and calls everyone else a ’bro’. Made famous in the movie The Social Network.

15. Which brand of condoms has signed up Sunny Leone for endorsing their product?
Ans. Manforce condoms

Weekly Business Quiz #2


1. Which Tech major has launched a new social platform called
Ans. Microsoft
2. Name the apex agency in India that gives products Halal certification.
Ans. Halal India
3. As per Jeff Bezos” __________ of the 100 top titles in Kindle today are self published”? Fill in the blank
Ans. 16
4. As per AAI, India has how many airports and airstrips?
Ans. 456

5. Why is Priscilla Chan in the news?
Ans. She married FB founder Mark Zuckerberg recently
6. Zuckerberg delayed taking FB public until he had no choice. What was the regulatory compulsion?
Ans. Publishing quarterly results for over 500 private investors

7. Which. Law states that “for any group of size n, the number of Subgroups that can be assembled is 2 ^ n.?
Ans. Reed’s law

8. Connect the following Between, Path, Familyleaf, and Storytree …
Ans. New online social networks which promote private interactions

9. Connect the Mumbai non-profit Millennium Mams with Warren Buffett.
Ans. 16 ladies from this NGO went to Omaha to listen to Buffett’s AGM speech of Berkshire Hathaway

10. Which Hollywood celebrity has taken Punjab actor Varinder Singh Ghumman as the brand ambassador for his products?
Ans. Arnold Schwarzenegger

11. Which group has acquired a 27 % stake in Living Media, the co that publishes India Today?
Ans. Aditya Birla group

12. Starbucks invites its rivals to Coffee cup Summit at MIT. What do they discuss in that summit?
Ans. Disposal of paper cups
13. Which co as a part of its sustainability initiatives has devised a calculator for calculating the carbon footprint of every package?
Ans. UPS
14. As per the new TRAI guidelines, max how many minutes of advertising time is allowed per hour of TV broadcast ?
Ans. 12 mins per hour

15. Which Indian group has acquired the US based health information co Decision Resources for US $ 635 mn?
Ans. Piramal

Weekly Business Quiz #1 

1. What is unique about The Divorce Hotel?
Ans. They have packages for couples to have divorce during weekend with legal and other services

2. Which American multiplex chain of 5000 screens was acquired by the Chinese group Dalian Wanda for over 2.5 billion $?
Ans. AMC
3. Name the business group of Aike Batista, the richest man in Brazil and 7th richest worldwide.
Ans. EBX Group

4. Name this IIT Madras alumnus who is often called the Canadian Buffett for his value investing skills.
Ans. V.Prem Watsa of Fairfax

5. What was the earlier name of SML Isuzu Limited?
Ans. Swaraj Mazda Limited

6. Why did Zuckerberg marry 1 day after the Facebook IPO?
Ans. Bec California divorce laws says any wealth acquired before marriage cannot be shared

7. What is Grexit in the context of the Euro crisis?
Ans. Exit of Greece from Euro

8. Who has acquired the online marketplace co Ariba for 4.5 Bn $?
Ans. SAP
 9. What item belonging to Late Ronald Reagan is being auctioned online?
Ans. A vial of his blood

10. Which Mumbai based group is positioning apartments based on the cars they own, Dadar for BMW and Worli for RR owners?
Ans. Wadia Group
11. Name the Facebook CFO who is being blamed for the IPO fumble
Ans. David Ebersman
12. Which brand of mixie an affiliate of Philips got badly affected bcoz of Jayalalithaa’s freebie schemes in TN?
Ans. Preethi

13. McDowells becomes the 2nd brand to reach 2 Billion $ in retail sales in India. Which was the first?
Ans. Amul

14. Who has acquired controlling stake in Thomas Cook’s India operations?
Ans. Fairfax belonging to Indian American Prem Watsa
15. In which Stock Exchange will Formula One will soon be listed?
Ans. Singapore